It’s Halloween again, and now that we know there will be no Game 7 of the World Series, that leaves you an open evening to enjoy running back and forth to the door to drop tiny Snickers bars into plastic bags carried by children dressed as superheroes.

But this strange ritual is not the evening’s only appropriate entertainment. Perhaps you just want to scare the pants off yourself. Perhaps you just want a Scary Movie Night. Fortunately, with the proliferation of distribution methods for films both scary and less so, you’ve got plenty of options

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from OMNI Reboot

It’s the year 2086, and an alien race called the Formics has just attacked Earth, looking for a new planet to colonize. The invasion is repelled, just barely, when Earth’s most brilliant military commander intuits a way to defeat the swarming alien motherships during an epic battle in the skies.

The bad news? Ten of millions died in the initial assault. The worse news? The Formics are planning a second invasion, with an armada 100 times bigger than the first. In response, a worryingly militarized human society conscripts children to train as lethal drone pilots.

That’s the set-up for the refreshingly smart and visually dazzling science fiction adventure Ender’s Game, based on the famous military sci-fi novel by Orson Scott Card. Like the book, the film starts out in established hard sci-fi territory, then digs deeper into cultural critique and moral dilemma.

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