Back to School: The Benefits of a Wired Education
originally published in Family Circle/Computers Made Easy

In the great To Do List of Life, there are always a number of items that are forever being bumped to the bottom. What with family, kids, work and the simple day-to-day coping of modern living, big projects often tend to get put on the back burner. Sometimes, they boil away for good.

Probably the most common of these perpetually put-off endeavors is the idea of going back to school. Wouldn’t it be great to finish that undergrad degree, or maybe get another? How about an MBA that could equal a bigger salary, or even that long-contemplated master’s degree?

The happy news is that it is now arguably easier than it has ever been to continue your education as an adult — via online courses conducted primarily, and sometimes entirely, over the Internet. In fact, adult education and what is called “distance learning” are experiencing a kind of renaissance by leveraging the uniquely interactive nature of online learning. Read the rest of this entry »