American Horror Stories: Ghosts and Hauntings

December 9, 2015


Good ghost stories require two elements: the ghost and the story. While ghosts themselves may or may not be real — that’s a whole other question — the story part is a phenomenon we can study and track.

In the study of history and folklore, ghost stories have a haunted mansion all to themselves. Ghosts appear, as it were, in the written and oral traditions of virtually every culture on the planet. As they’re handed down through generations, ghost stories get retold in different forms and media, depending on the era.

America has its share of famous ghosts and hauntings, many of which go back hundreds of years. Our most famous stories tend to wind up on the TV or movie screen eventually. Such is the way of Hollywood. Everyone likes a good ghost story, right? We track five famous American ghosts and their journey from story to screen.

read more at Discovery News


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