Robots and Movies and Sex – Oh, My!

September 25, 2015

deckard and rachaelStrange news out of Japan this week: It appears that the humanoid companion robot known as Pepper — which can read emotions and converse with humans — has a curious clause in its user contract. Buyers must agree not to have sex with the merchandise.

Pepper, you see, is designed to use voice analysis and facial recognition to respond to human emotional cues. But not, evidently, like that.

Look, this is delicate. But we’re all grownups here, right? The truth is that, as a civilization, we will be dealing with robot sex sooner than later. Sociologists are already predicting it, ethicists are already debating it, and others are just dismissing it as another historical sex panic.

In any case, as a concept, it’s really nothing new. While we usually avoid specifics, we’ve been telling ourselves human-machine love stories in science fiction for decades. As with so many things in life, we can turn to Hollywood for profitable instruction. Forthwith, in no particular order, the sexiest robots in the history of sci-fi movies.

read more at Yahoo Tech 

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