10 Things You Can’t Do and Become President

June 19, 2013

from Discovery News

When New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie revealed his gastric band surgery this week, pundits immediately began speculating: Would the weight loss procedure affect Christie’s presumed 2016 presidential run?

Health issues aside, Christie’s weight has been seen an a liability in the political arena. “The simple truth is that no one of Christie’s size in modern times has gone on to win a presidential nomination, let alone the White House,” writes political editor Paul Steinhauser on CNN’s Political Ticker blog.

Christie is a tough guy — he likes to pick fights on the Left and the Right, usually at the same time. But in the era of mass media and the carefully calibrated public image, is obesity a presidential deal breaker? Will undergoing weight loss surgery make Christie a target for late-night monologues and Twitter jokes? If history is any indication, and it frequently is, there are some things you can’t do if you want to become president.

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