Apocalypse Now? Creating a Survival Plan

April 30, 2013

from Discovery News

In popular culture, it’s sometimes referred to as “apocalypse porn” — the proffering of imagery and scenarios that depict end-of-the-world catastrophes. You know the routine: Crumbling monuments, abandoned cities, desolate wastelands. Think recent movies like “The Road” and “I Am Legend,” or older classics such as “Mad Max” and “Planet of the Apes.” One of this season’s most popular TV series, “Revolution,” posits a planet-wide blackout that tumbles civilization back a few centuries.

ImageMovies and TV often reflect cultural anxieties, and we’re clearly terrified of this stuff. But what do we actually do on an individual, practical level to prepare for disaster scenarios? Click around online and you’ll find plenty of survivalist outfitters willing to sell you alarming things. A more sober assessment can be found at Ready.gov.

The following is a list of basic items as recommended by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for general disaster preparedness. However, if recent entertainment fare is any indication, our biggest concern is actually the walking dead. So we’ve also added a bonus category: In Case Of Zombie Apocalypse (ICOZA).

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