DVD+Digital: Game of Thrones, 30 Rock and TV binge watching

February 17, 2013

from Indy Week

In the days before DVD/VHS, Netflix and endless online options — back when we had a little sanity left — TV binge watching was confined to weekend basic cable marathons. If you wanted to see all the episodes of a particular show in sequence, this was your sole option. Only the most dedicated souls braved those 24- and 48-hour endurance trials.

GoTI tried it once, years ago, with David Lynch’s serial freakout Twin Peaks. Like an idiot I went in without a game plan or any training regimen at all. Amateur move. By Episode 15, “Drive with a Dead Girl,” I’d lost feeling below the waist and hadn’t blinked in eight hours.

Thanks to DVRs, DVD series collections and Netflix’s roster of quality on-demand shows (Arrested Development, Breaking Bad), we have a lot more control over when and what we watch. “Time shifting” is what the media pros call it. For many busy adults, controlled binge watching has become the preferred method of assimilating all the great TV out there.

In fact, I haven’t watched a TV series during original broadcast since ABC’s Lost wrapped up in 2010. That show left a bad taste when, after four seasons of twisty intrigue, the writers ran out of ideas and started resolving everything with gunfights. Remember when there was exactly one gun on that island, and it was a commodity, and Sawyer used it to shoot that polar bear?

But I digress. I’m here to recommend two recent binge-watching opportunities and another big one on the horizon.

NBC’s impossibly reliable comedy 30 Rock wrapped up with its series finale late last month. It was a rather underwhelming end to the series, but it stayed true to creator Tina Fey’s singular comic vision. The Season 7 DVD collection won’t arrive until March, but meanwhile you can see all previous episodes from seasons one through six by way of Netflix’s online video streaming.

If you have a Netflix subscription plan, you can access these titles online across multiple platforms. I’m only slightly ashamed to admit that I’ve watched 30 Rock back episodes by way of laptop, PlayStation 3, iPad and iPhone. I’m a little obsessed by the writing on that show — 30 Rock has become more curriculum than entertainment for me.

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