Game Picks: Brave, The VIdeo Game

July 17, 2012

ImageAs a full-blooded Scotsman on both sides of the family, I really wanted to like the latest film from Disney/Pixar, the animated comedy-adventure “Brave.”

The story of a plucky princess in the highlands of medieval Scotland, it’s the first Pixar joint since last year’s underwhelming “Cars 2,” the first to feature a female protagonist, and it has the girl-with-a-bow-and-arrow thing going, which is curiously fashionable these days.

I didn’t love the movie, but am happy to report that the video game tie-in title “Brave: The Video Game” (PS3, Wii, X360, DS, PC, Mac) is a winner as a family game. “Brave” continues the improbable winning streak of Pixar video game adaptations. As a big-budget console title, Brave doesn’t break any new ground, but it’s a solid adventure/platformer with beautiful art design, nice game balance and a quick learning curve.

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